We help you in all phases of your tourist accommodation project: We personalise your mission duration (long or short term), level of help to adapt to your needs

Do you have a new project for your hotel, holiday home or B&B ?

From finding the perfect property and location to strategic analysis, from creation of a concept to everyday operations, we help you create your future and make you a true expert in the sector.

From the birth of an idea to the scaling up of a project

Feasibility study

Concept creation

Project planning

Commercial strategy

Communication plan

Operational strategy before opening

Project followup after opening

Are you looking for the ideal property to start your project?

Analysing your needs

Feasibility study

Putting you in contact with our estate agent

Find the perfect property

Follow up of property administration work until the

Do you want to increase your sales or improve your reputation ?

The approach for managing hotels and lodgings for tourism has changed greatly with the digital economy and scale of supply. Booking sites have overtaken the number one spot for reservations. Client feedback online has more and more influence in the choosing process. Clients have more power than ever before and ask for more. Now is the time to take advantage of this landscape by repositioning your business in the sector, adapting your procedures and using technological tools to boost your sales. Think Big Hotel are there to help you enhance the customer experience through a 360° approach to communication and commercial strategy.

The right impact for an enhanced customer

Communication audit

Strategic recommendations

Visual branding

Communication plan

Website (with partner)

Social network management

Email campaigns

Implementation of digital tools
(pre-stay, upsell, post-stay, etc.)

Boost your hotel revenues and increase your profit margins

Pricing policy audits

Calculate your maximum profit threshold

Competitive analysis

Identify target audiences

Pricing strategy


Implementation of digital tools (PMS Channel Manager, etc.)