Think Big RH

Do you need a hand to unlock your potential
and reach your goals?

The wellbeing of staff and the team dynamic hold a central part of a hotel and catering enterprise. Through its industry expertise, Think Big borrows your staff and gives them back to you with the best techniques to maintain a well-knit mindset. We help you to understand your character and harness your strengths to get the best version of you in the professional world.

Starting through recruitment, we bring you all the tools you need to get starting each working day with enthusiasm.


To make sure that recruitment is done with the best conditions possible, we take care of assessing it with a Score Card.
We also take care of customising your job postings for your company, to help you filter the best candidates to your doorstep, and build on top of your optimised company culture and team spirit.


The HR department is still a place of mystery for most of us, all the more the reason to give Think Big!
Through our vast experience in the hotel and catering industry, we know the tricks of the trade by heart.
We can guide you through the HR maze on subjects such as joint commission, contract management and many other nodes on your roadmap !

Personality test

It is never too late to do a complete personality test. You answer groups of different questions according to different situations. Our profiling tool helps us to establish a detailed overview of professional and personal profile. After this test, you participate in a personal interview and discover your hidden talents.
Between the highlighting of your innate and acquired skills as well as your opportunities for improvement, you will be able to gain knowledge of how you work. From there, we can set personal and professional goals.
We will also set personal and professional goals.


Who are your colleagues and how can you improve the quality of your interactions? What will the theme of your workshop be? You will get the chance to exchange thoughts and relax while you guess the personalities of the people that you spend a large part of your waking hours with. We will explain to you how you can communicate better with other profiles to work and live in harmony. Are you the manager of your team? This debriefing is also made for you. Discover the best methods to efficiently communicate with your staff and look ahead over the same horizon. Think Big is there to guide you and your team to be the best version of yourselves!

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