Revenue management is an extremely important concept to ensure the success of your establishment. Regardless of the size or type of your project, it allows you to anticipate your customers' requests and optimise your prices. No more empty rooms and tables !

Think Big supports you and implements a personalised and effective pricing strategy using powerful tools.

Pricing policy audit

To stay in the race and ensure your sustainability, you must review your rates regularly. Think Big carries out a complete analysis of your positioning in relation to your competitors, but also your performance and your profitability. This diagnosis will allow you to target the behaviour of your customers and thus adjust, upwards or downwards, your pricing plans.

Break-even point calculation

Did you know that your break-even point is an excellent indicator of the health of your establishment? Don't waste time on complicated calculations : Think Big does it all for you! We also offer you a clear overview that will help you know the turnover to be made in order to be profitable.

Competition analysis

The grass isn't always greener on the other side but you can always check. Think Big offers you specific support dedicated to the analysis of your competitors and their positioning. Our team sets up competitive intelligence tools to monitor the behaviour of similar establishments to yours.

Target segmentation

Segmentation is a key aspect in the hospitality industry. It helps you understand your targets to meet the needs of your clients. Our consulting team helps you define a segmentation adapted to the different profiles that visit your establishment.

Pricing strategy

Adopting a good pricing strategy is a must to increase your income. Think Big offers you to define or redefine a dynamic strategy based on your positioning, surrounding factors, market opportunities… Together, we create an advantageous price list intended to optimise your turnover.


What are the best distribution channels to distribute your offers? Think Big knows the answer to this question and helps you choose the right channels: Online Travel Agencies or OTAs (ex., AirBnB, Expedia, HRS), private sales, dedicated sites, price comparison... The wider the distribution, the better your luck in reaching your ideal customers.

Implementation of digital tools

With adapted digital tools, you open so many new doors. Smart technology has made its way into the hotel and restaurant sector (channel manager, online reservations, PMS, etc.), so you should consider it in your services. Think Big helps you ride the wave and advises you on the best tools to attract ultra-connected users.

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