Do you have a new hotel, cottage or b&b project ?

Are you opening a restaurant ?

Are you looking to increase your sales or your awareness ?

Are you looking for sound advice ?

with Think BIG

Specialised in hotel consulting, we carry out assignments for accommodation and catering projects of all types (lodgings, bed and breakfasts, hotels, restaurants, etc.) and we offer you a tailor-made service that will certainly boost your reputation. Whether your idea is still being considered or at an advanced stage, Think Big gives you the keys to achieving your goals.

All our missions, one-off or long-term support, are defined with you and personalised to best meet your requests and specific project specification.

Think BIG

Do you have a great idea and need help with its growth ?

From strategic analysis to the implementation of a communication plan, from the creation of the concept to operational support, we create your future together and make you real professionals in the sector.

Our intervention will take place at several levels :

  • - Feasibility study
  • - Concept creation
  • - Pre-project management
  • - Commercial strategy
  • - Communication plan
  • - Pre-opening operation strategy
  • - Followup after project kick-off
Think BIG

Think BIG

Would you like more reservations and generate more revenues while saving time ?

Take the opportunity that is there for the taking: Have you thought about repositioning yourself on the market ? Adapt your process or use new tools to boost your sales? Of course, these are probably some of the questions you had in mind when you found our website. Think Big is there for you to help you develop your customer experience through a full commercial strategy overhaul.

We work on :

  • - Pricing policy audit
  • - Break-even point calculation
  • - Competition analysis
  • - Target segmentation
  • - Pricing strategy
  • - Distribution
  • - Implementation of management tools such as PMS Channel Manager.
  • - Dashboards
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Think BIG

Would you like to be noticed through some catchy communication ?

The hotel and catering industry has considerably changed through digital marketing and the evolution of accommodation offers. The booking websites have taken an important chunk of the market with client reviews making the difference between good and bad times. Customers are also getting more and more demanding. This is why you need a full 360° approach from the outside and combine different media to help you get to more and more potential clients. Think Big can provide you with the toolbox you need to get there and succeed with your clients new expectations.

We will put emphasis on :

  • - Communication audit
  • - Strategic recommendations
  • - Visual branding
  • - Communication plan
  • - Website (in partnership)
  • - Social media management
  • - Email campaigning
  • - Implementation of digital tools (Pre-stay, Upsell, post-stay, etc.)
  • - Followup after project kick-off
with Think BIG

Think BIG

Do you have a fully automated establishment with less than 10 rooms ?

Simplify the management of your establishment while making your customers happy with an optimal experience: Opt for complete autonomy ! Think Big puts its knowledge of automation technologies at your disposal and takes care of the daily management of your property.

How are we going to proceed ?

  • - Revenue management
  • - Pricing
  • - Reservation management
  • - Remote check-in and check-out
  • - Collection of payments
  • - Billing management
  • - Housekeeping service management
  • - Automatic response
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Think BIG

Think BIG

Discover the character of you and your team to tap into another level of bonding !

What is our mission? Help reach the potential of your company and promote wellbeing throughout your organisation. It is not a mystery: a satisfied worker brings satisfactory results with lots of effortless effort. Learn to understand how the manager thinks and dreams, glue the team together in the same direction so that you get your goals in your professional lives as well as in your personal lives.

Supercharge your squad with Think Big, and we will take care of the rest with lots of care!

What do we do ?

  • - Recruitment assistance
  • - Individual profile testing for directors and managers with debriefing sessions
  • - HR management consulting
  • - Team workshops (communication management, setting annual goals, increasing performances, value searching sessions)
  • - Satisfaction interview
Think BIG

Think BIG
Check Up

Our Check Up service allows you to constantly improve and aim for better profitability.

An auditor visits your hotel to carry out a complete assessment of your establishment in order to suggest areas for improvement and create a virtuous circle of customer satisfaction. From digitization to bar service and reception, our Mystery Guest puts his keen eye for you. Our mission will be to increase your operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Our fields of expertise :

  • - Full analysis of client needs
  • - Customer experience audit
  • - Operational audit
  • - Food and beverage audit
  • - Report creation
  • - Debriefing and axes of improvement
  • - Customized workshops
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Think BIG
Check Up

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