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Peak your profits with a personalised diagnostic

Thanks to a complete audit of your residence, Think Big can provide you with the best practices to improve the quality of your services according to a simple principle: Increase efficiency while decreasing your costs. The satisfaction of our clients and yours is the best way to thank us.

Your gratitude is the grain that helps us to continue to grow while observing everything down to the smallest detail to tweak your inconsistencies and guide you so that you can see visible results.


To find the target actions, we put in place a full analysis program for each residence, from before the stay to after the stay by delving into the customer experience in person. Every element of the user journey will be fine combed by our auditor!
You might wonder why we would go through all the effort, but in the end, you will greatly improve the experience of YOUR customers and anticipate their needs!


Think Big is more than just theoretical, we take care of the operational side also. We can also perform an audit from a managerial point of view, to spot out any potentially dysfunctional areas in the team to resolve. It is often said that the company is only as good as its team!


Get a detailed report on your establishment!
Think Big prepares and sends an overview of the analysis carried out. It will help you to understand better each point layed out in the report in terms of the services that you provide and where you can make improvements.


Thanks to the expertise of our team, and especially that of our auditor, make the most of the private session where you will receive fully customised advice on your services. This diagnostic will give you a full roadmap on exactly where you can improve and perfect the experience for your customers and their time with your establishment.

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