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What worked in the past for hospitality and catering is not comparable with today.
Digital is an incredible sales accelerator and an invaluable visibility tool for catering establishments. It's time to innovate and demonstrate the strength of your establishment.

Catchy concepts, an elaborate strategy and an exceptional customer experience are essential to create or develop your establishment.

A true mission of life :

Give you the keys to success

Optimize the quality and profitability of your accommodation, hotel, or guesthouse in Wallonia, Belgium, and worldwide. Benefit from strategic support dedicated to the creation and continuous improvement of facilities, thereby increasing their quality, profitability, and market reputation.

With several years of experience in hospitality and catering, our expertise covers all aspects of this vital sector for the Belgian economy. We understand its crucial role in contributing to GDP and stimulating local employment.

Our mission is to realize each project by promoting regional tourist development and generating new employment opportunities.

Each project, whatever its size and ambition, deserves the same attention and the same tools to achieve success!

what drive us

Think Big is really a rewarding human adventure. Passionate and exciting, our team is positioned on strong values ​​that guide each of our actions and allow us to achieve your goals.

& Success

Catalyst for Innovation and Success in Hospitality and Catering

At Think Big, we embody innovation and success in the hospitality, accommodation, and catering sector. Our unique approach, which combines creativity with sharp strategy, allows us to turn visions into lucrative realities, propelling our clients to the top of their industry.

Do you want to scale-up your opportunities?

Think Big is the solution.


Harness the Power of Collaboration with Think Big

Our expertise in the Horeca sector, combined with active listening to your needs, allows us to deploy customized strategies that maximize the profitability and impact of your establishments. By joining forces, we transform challenges into opportunities and opportunities into success.

Together, let's innovate and thrive.

Call Think Big.


Ethical Commitment, Exceptional Results

We value transparency and fairness, essential for sustainable and fruitful partnerships. Our integrated approach ensures that all our actions and recommendations are aligned with your interests and those of your establishment. This translates into projects executed with excellence, adhering to the strictest industry standards.

Choose Think Big for a collaboration where integrity leads to shared successes in the hospitality and catering industry.


at your service

Anne-Sophie BRAINE

Business Owner

Senior Hotel Consultant

Hello, I am Anne-Sophie, your hospitality expert.

Passionate about the hospitality field from a young age, I have gained a deep understanding of this sector's unique requirements and the specific challenges that leaders face. With over 20 years of experience, I offer personalized support from the conceptualization to the realization of your hotel project.
Supported by a dynamic team and relying on a network of trusted partners, I am equipped to manage your project from A to Z, ensuring efficiency and excellence at every step.

Transform your visions into reality with an expert dedicated to your success in hospitality. Ready to get your business off the ground ?

Leslie FERY (« Les »)

Project Manager

Digitize your guesthouse or hotel establishment with Leslie,
your expert in remote management!

Are you considering digitizing your hotel or accommodation? Call on Leslie! With a degree in tourism and a passion for international travel, I have solid experience in implementing advanced technological solutions for remote management of tourist establishments.

With a constant smile and unwavering motivation, I work discreetly to transform the management of your establishment and enrich your clients' experience. Free yourself from daily hassles and maximize the efficiency of your accommodation! Need a hand ?

Victoria CAERDINAEL (« Vic »)

Project manager

Hello, I am Vic, from a line of hoteliers in Durbuy.
The hotel business is ingrained in my DNA, combining passion and vocation.

With a degree in hotel management, I specialize in optimizing revenue for tourist establishment owners.

As a professional who is attentive, responsive, and authentic, I am committed to transforming your hotel management and revolutionizing your commercial approach. Contact me to boost your revenue and become a master of revenue management. Join the Think Big adventure!

Bernard CESSION (« Le Sage »)

Commercial Assistant

Optimize the Potential of Your Hotel with Bernard: Expert in Hotel Audit and Improvement!

Do you want to evaluate and maximize the potential of your hotel establishment? Call on Bernard, your hotel audit specialist. As the Sherlock Holmes of hospitality, I meticulously examine every aspect of your establishment to identify opportunities for improving quality and profitability.

Bernard is here to help you uncover and cultivate the gems of excellence in your hotel, ensuring a significant improvement in your services and profitability. Ready to transform your establishment?

Leonita Destani

Project Manager

Day to Day

Léonita Destani: Expert in Reception and Sales Increase for Digitalized Guesthouses and Hotels

Léonita Destani expertly manages the daily reception service for digitalized guesthouses and hotels. With a degree in hotel management, she uses advanced technologies to optimize processes, increase sales, and improve customer experience.

With Léonita at the reception, benefit not only from impeccable management but also a pillar on which to rely to elevate your customer service and commercial performance.

Fabienne Wechseler

Administrative assistant

Fabienne Wechseler: Administrative and Accounting Specialist, Expert in Business Checks

Fabienne Wechseler excels in managing business check files and brings her expertise to Think Big in administration, accounting, and human resources.

With rigor and precision, she ensures the compliance and maximization of your financial aids. Optimize your resources with Fabienne and ensure the success of your subsidy procedures. Need a hand ?

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